IELTS exam is accepted in most of English speaking countries as a proficiency pre requisite for entry in to that country. GSA is channel partner of both IDP and British Council for conducting IELTS Coaching in Noida and booking Examination. Those who are very week in English are recommended and given courses in “How to Speak English. They refer it as Speaking in English and “English speaking in Noida”. Some people prefer to take exercises in English Speaking classes in Noida, Speaking English Tutorials,fluent English speaking course and spoken english course.GSA provides best IELTS Coaching in Noida and IELTS training in noida.

IELTS exam is of two types

1. ACADEMIC (Required for Overseas Education)

2. GENERAL ( Required for Immigration or work purpose)

IELTS test has 4 modules.


  • 30 minutes + 10 minutes extra to transfer the answers
  • 4 sections & 40 Questions

Section 1:

A conversation between two speakers talking about everyday situations, such as opening a bank account or asking for directions.

Section 2:

A talk given by one person about a topic of general interest, such as a tour, concert or excursion.In IELTS coaching, GSA gives students tips and makes practice 4 sections.

Section 3:

A discussion between two to four people about an education-related topic, such as a school project on a topic covered in a course.

Section 4:

A lecture on a general academic topic.



  • 60 minutes including transferring answers onto the reading answer sheet.
  • 3 passages &40 questions.


# The passages are on general interest (non-specialized) topics

# Texts is written in a variety of styles, including descriptive, narrative, and argumentative and may include diagrams or illustrations.


  1. Short answer questions
  2. Multiple choice
  3. Matching paragraphs with headings
  4. Yes, No and Not Given
  5. Note, Summary or sentence completion etc.




2-3 texts relating to everyday situations, e.g., advertisement, travel brochures, transportation schedules.


2 texts focusing on work-related situations/contexts. e.g. job descriptions, workplace facilities.


1 longer text on general topic sourced from newspaper, magazines, internet.



  • 60 minutes
  • 2 Tasks


TASK 1: 150 words summary or description (20 mins)

TASK 2: 250 words essay (40 mins)


In IELTS coaching, students are given guidance & tips along with practice tests on the following:

TASK 1: 150 words letter (formal or informal) (20 mins)

TASK 2: 250 words essay (40 mins)


  • 10-15 Minutes
  • 3 Sections


Introduction (4-5 min)

You are required to give personal information and answer questions on everyday topics, such as, family, hobbies and sports.


Cue card (2-3 min)

You are given a topic drawn from your personal experience and 1 minute to prepare.


Two-way discussion (4-5 min)

Examiner generates a discussion relating to the topic introduced in part 2. Questions are more abstract in nature. You are expected to provide an extended answer.

IELTS Coaching is to make sure that our students get required band of 7 each in the exam.

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