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After graduation from medical school and becoming a Doctor or any other medical specialist, there is a broad range of opportunities for future jobs. Upon getting the medical degree you can choose to work in hospitals, science institutes, and public health care or be part of the medical segment of some other science. Doctors can also choose to manage health care costs in economical sciences, or cooperate as a part of judicial sciences in proving medical errors and patients’ rights.

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You have decided to study medicine and become a doctor but wonder which medical school to choose? Then you may consider the following reasons many students like you decide to study medicine abroad.

Study medicine – Plenty of opportunities after 12th
High competitively entry requirements of getting into medicine
Applying to medicine can be an incredibly challenging process because in most countries, because of far more students who wish to study medicine than available places. The applicant’s high school certificate with good grades and eventually the type of pre-medical undergraduate degree are not enough to guarantee access to further medical studies for many students. The percentages of prospective medical students who manage to get a medical university seat to vary from 20% to 50% depending on country and university!

The international Medical courses that we, Mbbs experts, can help you to learn, enjoys a number of aspects that can truly benefit you in an ultimate manner. A few among many of the advantages you can expect to enjoy by enrolling in MBBS programs in which we help get you admitted can be enumerated as below:

• Learning under qualified Doctorate Faculties
• Studying in a peaceful environment
• Getting specialized Clinical Exposure
• Medium of Instruction is English
• Degrees enjoying Worldwide Accreditation

MBBS in Various Countries with Fees range

Country fees(including all living costs)
China -18-22 Lakhs
Philippines – 15-20 Lakh
Europe – 30-40 Lakhs
Russia -25-30 Lakh
Ukraine -25-30 Lakh
Georgia – 13 Lakh

Budget Friendly Option
Foreign Medical University admission comes with a mindset of huge education expenditure, but it is not true. With us you will experience a sign of relief as the Universities we represent are priced economically.

One-to-One Service
We offer one-to-one personal guidance & service to every student thereby clearing all doubts related to Medical Education abroad. Our recommendations are based upon budget. This ensures completed peace of mind, best possible education at an affordable price and make your dream come true to become a successful doctor.

Medicine in various countries
Medicine in Russia
Study Medicine in Russia: Russia is among the most affordable and popular destination in the world for international medical students from Europe, Asia, Africa and America and Australia. During the communist regime, international students ware studying in Russia thanks to Russian tuition fees and students were from developing courtiers. Today, international students are studying in Russian on their own finance and are from all over the world.

The universities and institutes offer outstanding services to the foreign students so that they can enroll themselves without any hassles. Besides this, you can save a considerable amount of money of you pursuing the medical courses from Russia.

Russian Medical University tuition fees are lower in comparison with those in other countries, and the standards of training are at the very good level and constantly approved. This makes Russian medical universities more attractive to international medical students and very competitive among international medical Universities.

Russian medical study requirements
High school diploma: the prospective student must have got his high school diploma (certificate). Better if he has pass with Minimum 50% of marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The application file should include the copy of high school diploma and academic records of results.

Valid passport or other travel documents: copy of this document:
Good health: Medical certificate stating general health condition, X-ray and HIV test results from the State Hospital;
Birth certificate;
Application form;
University in Russia
CFER (Russia)
St. Petersberg University
Russian State Medical Universities
Many more

Medicine in Ukraine

Study Medicine in Ukraine: Ukraine is among the most popular destination in the world for international medical students from around the world seeking Medical Education. As a response to international medical student demand, most Universities of medicine have introduced English programs of medical studies (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc.).

Ukrainian universities have been extremely popular among students from Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.), Africa (Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Congo, Guinea, etc.), and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq, etc.) since years.

Most of the medical universities in Ukraine are internationally recognized and provide good quality medical education. Degrees of most Ukrainian universities are recognised in almost all Asian and African countries and by WHO (World Health Organisation).

For instance, in order to work in India as a Medical practitioner, medical Doctor graduated from Ukraine must pass only the Screening Test for MCI (Medical Council of India). Once MCI registration, Ukrainian Doctor are even more appreciate than those who are graduated from India, thanks to his exposure to European medical systems. This fact is valid for more developing countries.

Nevertheless, Ukrainian medical degrees are not automatically recognized in all EU/EEA countries.

After completing their medical study programmes, postgraduate students have an opportunity to continue their clinical specialization (residency) and research projects during 3-6 years of postgraduate training and obtain the Medical, Dental or Pharmaceutical specialties or Ph.D. degree, under the guidance of experienced professors.
University in Ukraine
European Study Services
Ivanofrankivsk national medical university
Donetsk national medical university
Poltava State Medical and Dental University
Zaporozhye State Medical University
Many more

Study Medicine in Georgia in Europe
Study Medicine in Georgia in English, Russian and Georgian one the best option to study medicine abroad. It has the best medical University in in Caucasus Region (Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia): Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU).

According to Georgian legislation for Medical Activity, medical practice is: “the professional activity of a person with a medical background, professional skills and practical experience the aim of which is to protect, maintain and restore the health or ease the suffering of a human being in accordance with medical and ethical standards and medical traditions recognized in Georgia”.

Quality of basic medical education appears as a predictor for successful medical practice. It’s matching to international standards is crucial for providing the optimal functioning of the national health care system. It is necessary to obtain not only theoretical knowledge in fundamental humanitarian and clinical sciences but also to achieve a high level of clinical skills in medical practice.

Ethic values and formation of specific relations are also the highly important factors. All these are reflected in the competency standards for general and medical practice in medical edication in Georgia.

Tbilisi State Medical University
Tbilisi State Medical University was founded as Tbilisi Medical Institute in 1918 and became the Faculty of Medicine within the Tbilisi (TSU) in 1930. Tbilisi State Medical Institute was renamed Tbilisi State Medical University in 1992.

Tbilisi State Medical University has evaluated and today, it organized in different medical faculties attracting international students.
Faculties at Tbilisi State Medical University
Faculty of Medicine (medicine in English, and Russian)
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Public Health
Faculty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Faculty of Nursing and Vocational Programs

Study Medicine in Cyprus
Studying Medicine in Cyprus is gaining more and more interest among prospective international medical students. Today 4 universities offer Undergraduate and postgraduate (medicine, dentistry pharmacy, veterinary medicine, etc.) medical programs in English.

Quality education with international oriented programs, safe, friendly environment, affordable cost, English mainly as the language of instruction, pleasant Mediterranean climate, crossroad Location of Europe, Asia and Africa are among factors making Cyprus international education hub.

While most of the medical faculties in Cyprus are young, they combine international experience from partner institutions and local experiences. As one of the good example is the graduate entry medicine degree organised by St George’s University of London and the faculty of Medicine of Nicosia University.

The faculties of Medicine in Cyprus are parties of multidisciplinary universities, where medical students can develop independence, maturity, and an understanding of other cultures.

Would like to study medicine abroad? You may consider studying medicine in Cyprus at University of Nicosia in Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean University, Near East University (NEU) Faculty of Medicine, European University Cyprus (EUC), etc.

University in Cyprus
European University
Many more