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IELTS exam is accepted in most of English speaking countries as a proficiency pre requisite for entry in to that country. GSA is channel partner of both IDP and British Council for conducting IELTS Coaching in Noida & Greater Noida and booking Examination. Those who are very week in English are recommended and given courses in “How to Speak English. They refer it as Speaking in English and “English speaking in Noida”. Some people prefer to take exercises in English Speaking classes in Noida, Speaking English Tutorials,fluent English speaking course and spoken english course.


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the most popular English language Tests being conducted around the world. Millions of IELTS Tests have been held over the past years.

Undoubtedly, IELTS is an open opportunity for the students who are skilled at English and want to study abroad. More than 10,000 colleges across the world, accept IELTS Score card and offer wonderful education opportunities to the zealous students.

IELTS Eligibility

For taking the IELTS, your minimum age should be at least 16 years & you must have a valid passport.

You will be eligible to take the exam if you fall into one of the categories:

IELTS exam is of two types

1. ACADEMIC (Required for Overseas Education)

2. GENERAL ( Required for Immigration or work purpose)

IELTS test has 4 modules



4 Sections3 Parts3 SectionsTask 1 – Report on Graph, Chart, Map & ProcessTask 1 – Letter
40 QuestionsTalking with Examiner40 QuestionsTask 2 – EssayTask 2 – Essay
30 Minutes11 to 14 Minutes60 Minutes60 Minutes Each


  • 30 minutes + 10 minutes extra to transfer the answers
  • 4 sections & 40 Questions

Section 1:

A conversation between two speakers talking about everyday situations, such as opening a bank account or asking for directions.

Section 2:

A talk given by one person about a topic of general interest, such as a tour, concert or excursion.In IELTS coaching, GSA gives students tips and makes practice 4 sections.

Section 3:

A discussion between two to four people about an education-related topic, such as a school project on a topic covered in a course.

Section 4:

A lecture on a general academic topic.


  • 60 minutes including transferring answers onto the reading answer sheet.
  • 3 passages & 40 questions.


# The passages are on general interest (non-specialized) topics

# Texts is written in a variety of styles, including descriptive, narrative, and argumentative and may include diagrams or illustrations.


  1. Short answer questions
  2. Multiple choice
  3. Matching paragraphs with headings
  4. Yes, No and Not Given
  5. Note, Summary or sentence completion etc.



2-3 texts relating to everyday situations, e.g., advertisement, travel brochures, transportation schedules.


2 texts focusing on work-related situations/contexts. e.g. job descriptions, workplace facilities.


1 longer text on general topic sourced from newspaper, magazines, internet.


  • 60 minutes
  • 2 Tasks


TASK 1: 150 words summary or description (20 mins)

TASK 2: 250 words essay (40 mins)


In IELTS coaching, students are given guidance & tips along with practice tests on the following:

TASK 1: 150 words letter (formal or informal) (20 mins)

TASK 2: 250 words essay (40 mins)


  • 10-15 Minutes
  • 3 Sections


Introduction (4-5 min)

You are required to give personal information and answer questions on everyday topics, such as, family, hobbies and sports.


Cue card (2-3 min)

You are given a topic drawn from your personal experience and 1 minute to prepare.


Two-way discussion (4-5 min)

Examiner generates a discussion relating to the topic introduced in part 2. Questions are more abstract in nature. You are expected to provide an extended answer.

IELTS Coaching is to make sure that our students get required band of 7 each in the exam.

Course Variants Classroom Course Variants

  • IELTS Comprehensive
  • IELTS Regular
  • IELTS Express
  • IELTS 1 on 1

Top Benefits of Taking IELTS Coaching

Once you start your IELTS coaching, you’ll witness a huge a change in your communication skills, English knowledge and many more things. Let’s check out which are more benefits of taking IELTS Coaching –

•   Experience an improved knowledge of the English language.

•   Boost your reading, writing, listening, vocal and communication skills.

•  Get access to precise and accurate study material required to prepare well for IELTS. You may also ask for handwritten notes by the teachers over there.

•  The IELTS coaching doesn’t only prepare you to face the exam and beat the competition, it also nourishes your skills for future.

•  In classroom coaching, you will be trained personally to correct your pronunciation, vocabulary and speech by practicing regularly with your co-mates.

•  Even if you encounter with any doubts throughout the learning session, you can immediately ask your queries to the teachers and get answers to them instantly.

Tips and Tricks to Crack IELTS

If you’re aiming to crack the exam in first attempt, here are the tips and tricks that would help you boost your scores. Have a look below!

  • Be smart and solve questions based on their points and time.
  • Don’t go with each word or phrase. You may waste time.
  • In reading test, review the examples carefully to develop correct answer.
  • Organize and outline your thought & ideas before you start writing in the writing test.
  • Take enough time to review essay questions and then answer.
  • Avoid speaking to the recording equipment during the speaking test.
  • Whenever you give any answer in ‘yes’ or ‘no’, try to explain it in detail to the examiner.

Why Choose GSA Overseas for IELTS Coaching?

GSA Overseas helps you accomplish all further process of study abroad including Application & Visa process too. Our focus is not on how many classes you take or how many hours you spend in the academy. We give you mock tests to look at your level and only once we and you are confident that you will get the required score in IELTS, we book your exam so that the examination fee is not wasted on an unprepared attempt.

To know more about IELTS Coaching & Preparation Tips, call us now (at +91:9555 670111).

Our Google IELTS Testimonial

I am yet to appear for IELTS exam, however the study material, ways of training and the trainer all wonderful. It’s helping to build the confidence to explore Global opportunities vacant.
Must Join if aspire something great in life.
Ravi Mishra

I studied for IELTS from GSA classes Noida and i am very satisfied with the coaching and faculty. The course was completed on time and revision was done more than 4 times followed by MOCK sessions every weekend. The coaching helped me to improve my score and gave me an idea about how to select college for further studies.
Akshay anand

Very helpful and supporting staff. I contacted them for my Canada student visa and they helped me with each and every situation . I would definitely recommend GSA if any student is looking for student visa.
Kakoli Das

I visited global abroad ielts classes. The council was very good. I get very good knowledge about ielts preparation.
What are the courses and there fees structure and what is the basic tactics too!

Aman verma

I joined the team in 2017. They make sure you have opted for right career path and support you all along the way. I was given professional training for my IELTS and GRE preparation. Even after all is done, the ESC team still make sure you are not having any sort of trouble. I contacted them again after a year as I wanted to transfer to a better university and as expected they were all in.Today I have a great job and my visa status is renewed as well.
Thanks a lot to the whole team of ESC. Keep up the great work..!!!
Abhimanyu bajaj

I’m doing my IELST coaching in Noida from Global Study Abroad and Immigration. I am finding very good experience from here. In study how we can apply the strategy, I learn from here.
Anjanafuchka rajwar

This institution is the excellent for eilts classes taking lesser time to accomplish their goals. You can expect better bands post having classes.

Hiten Singh

Thank you vey much,
Especially, Faraan Sir for helping me out and suggesting me the best institute for myself, as well providing the best service. And the staff was also really helpful for filing visa too
Fahad Saeed

Every teachers are so good nd helpful I would recommend you all to join this coaching
they really so good and supportive!
Milli Bhandari

I am satisfied with this institution as they helped and supported in getting admission in Middlesex University.They have guided me through all the admission and visa procedure.I highly recommend this institute to everyone who really want to study abroad.
Bhavana Sharma

Outstanding IELTS faculty and visa support services. Thanks team GSA!

Gaurav Sharma

I had great experience with GSA.
They have helped me from booking my IELTS exam to getting my offer letter from University in Australia and Getting my Student Visa on time.
Their services are remarkable and I recommend every one to contact GSA for getting best services for Studying Abroad.
Tarun Dhingra

Global study abroad and immigration is the best place for IELTS and immigration purpose, the team here is very helpful and they have proper knowledge about immigration, the team here helped me thoroughly and helped me to get my student visa

Akshat Singh

I am very grateful to hard working and supportive staff of Europe Study Centre. They are best study abroad consultancy for Indian Students. I had no idea how to approach the universities, how to apply and even, what to study. The counselors are so friendly and helpful. They assisted me on every step and made sure that I make the right, most beneficial decision right now. I would suggest every student who wants to study internationally, to get register with the Europe Study Centre.

Deepshikha Pandey

Thank you Global studies abroad for making my future and showing path to get success in life, because of Sharma sir’s hardwork and positive attitude towards me I have received my visa in 5 days.
I thank all the global studies team to make my career bright and because of them my dream comes true.
“Behind every good student their is a success teacher” thank you global for your support.
Rubal Vig

GSA consultancy is very nice. I have awesome experience with GSA Immigration group. My VISA got succeeded because of incorporation of GSA Immigration consultancy.
Sonu Kumar

 IELTS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is there more than one version of the Test? If yes, which version is the best to go?
Answer – Yes, IELTS has two versions – Academic and General Training.
The students who wish to go to a English Speaking country, should opt IELTS Academic Test whereas the students who want to take work or training experience from abroad countries should opt General Training version of IELTS Test.

Question: When Is the Right Time to Take IELTS?
Answer – IELTS is being held on some fixed dates throughout the year (four times a month). Based on your preparations level, you can opt the best suitable date to appear in this test. Take at least 3 months to prepare well and then apply for the test.

Question: What is the Exam Fee?
Answer –  The test fee of IELTS is more than 10,000 and can vary based on the country.
While you’ll apply online, you would know the exact fees.


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OUR AVERAGE IELTS BAND IS 7.5 Plus, PTE score 75 Plus and GRE 320 Plus

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